What hinders successful weight loss for you? (8)

If you are not able to lose weight, this can have several causes, but it is always useful to find out if there are any physical causes.Read more


    • Blood test Weight Loss

    Blood test Weight Loss

    € 87,-

    Insulin resistance and cholesterol risk index are mapped with this blood test...

    • Pre-screening + IgE What can I eat?

    Pre-screening + IgE What can I eat?

    € 79,-

    The 7 most common food allergens are tested for both IgG and IgG4 response. Oo...

    • Thyroid Total

    Thyroid Total

    € 292,- € 227,-

    Thyroid Blood Test Total measures all thyroid values; also antibodies and reve...

    • HOMA IR


    € 39,-

    Homa-ir is a measurement of Glucose and Insulin in which a prediction is given on h...

    • DNA Expert Weight

    DNA Expert Weight

    € 569,- € 425,-

    • Leptin


    € 69,-

    Blood tests measure the level of the hormone Leptin in your blood. This hormone was originally used in the...

    • Hashimoto's disease

    Hashimoto's disease

    € 97,-

    Blood test that measures antibodies in Hashimoto's disease. In this process, anti-TPO and...

    • Metabolic Balance®

    Metabolic Balance®

    € 89,-

What hinders successful weight loss for you?

Problems with losing weight can be caused by certain food intolerances, food that you cannot digest properly, but which makes you fat. It is also possible that the problem lies with your thyroid gland, that you have insulin resistance (HOMA-ir) or that a substance such as leptin is not produced enough so that satiety does not occur. You can also map your DNA for personalized nutrition advice.

Hopefully one of these tests can help you in your search, because if you know the cause, the solution is often found more quickly.


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