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DNA testing: DNA expert, Igene and specialist. (9)

Blood Value Test offers the best and most privacy reliable DNA testing from IGene , DNA Expert from saliva and testing specialists from blood.


    • iGene DNA test Health

    iGene DNA test Health

    € 289,- € 246,-

    iGene HEALTH is the most complete DNA saliva test available. It provides information on all available...

    • HIV-1-RNA (PCR) + HIV-2-RNA (PCR)

    HIV-1-RNA (PCR) + HIV-2-RNA (PCR)

    € 478,-

    HIV RNA is detectable in the blood on average 9 to 11 days after infection by PCR tes...

    • HIV-2-RNA (PCR)

    HIV-2-RNA (PCR)

    € 249,-

    This DNA HIV type 2 PCR test is 9999 % reliable 72 hours after infection. The result takes ...

    • HLA-B27


    € 167,-

    HLA-B27 carriers in 90 to 91% of cases are at risk of developing the disease v...

    • iGene DNA test Farmaco (including MTHFR)

    iGene DNA test Farmaco (including MTHFR)

    € 229,- € 206,-

    This DNA saliva analysis offers you insight into your genetic predisposition to drugs also we...

    • MTHFR gene mutation C677T

    MTHFR gene mutation C677T

    € 295,-

    In an abnormality of the MTHFR gene, no or reduced folate can be formed. ...

    • MTHFR genetic research

    MTHFR genetic research

    € 478,-

    In an abnormality of the MTHFR gene, no or reduced folate can be formed. ...

    • iGene DNA test Basic

    iGene DNA test Basic

    € 139,- € 126,-

    iGene Basic shows what genetic predisposition you have and also shows what enzymes are involved in this ...

    • iGene DNA test Health Without Disorders

    iGene DNA test Health Without Disorders

    € 289,- € 246,-

    If you don't want your conditions free in your app (yet), you still receive all the adviez...

DNA testing: DNA expert, Igene and specialist.

Map your genetic predisposition according to the latest techniques. Lose weight permanently with the help of a detailed DNA analysis using a DNA test? Test your Weight Sensor through some cheek slime. Where does your sports talent lie? Certain genetic variations have a significant impact on the strength and endurance of your muscle cells. Or would you like to know what you should or should not eat according to your DNA profile? We can read this information and much more from your DNA.

DNA test results

Are you striving to be the best version of yourself? Our DNA tests can help you. You will receive an extensive report of the results by email, app or in book form. The Igene tests are reported via a special app that is constantly updated with new insights. With the iGene test it is also possible to download the raw data set in excel format.

Improve your lifestyle and/or athletic performance with the help of one of our DNA tests. Where are your strengths and weaknesses? And how can you best capitalize on them? You will discover it all in your DNA.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that information? Then schedule a consultation with one of our experts. They will be happy to explain and advise you.

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