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  • No referral needed from your family doctor
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Urinalysis (21)

At you will find a variety of urine tests. Test your general health, various vitamins and minerals or diseases quickly and easily from your urine. Whether you need to take any further steps for a successful reading.


    • urine status and sediment

    urine status and sediment

    € 29,90

    Check for kidney problems disorder of urinary tract or metabolic...

    • Neurotransmitters RP

    Neurotransmitters RP

    € 265,-

    Determination of levels and relevant interrelationships of neurotransmitters.
    this test will be...

    • Neurotransmitters - Basics

    Neurotransmitters - Basics

    € 159,-

    Urine test Neurotransmitters base measures Adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin

    • Urine screening

    Urine screening

    € 29,90

    This examination may be performed to check for kidney problems aa...

    • Urine examination complementary

    Urine examination complementary

    € 29,-

    This test can be performed as an adjunct to a test where a urine screenin...

    • Mercury in urine

    Mercury in urine

    € 39,-

    Acute (briefly large amount) or chronic (long-term low amount) exposure to...

    • Magnesium urine test

    Magnesium urine test

    € 49,-

    Magnesium is important for the functioning of many enzymes and therefore indispensable.

    • Estrogen metabolites RP

    Estrogen metabolites RP

    € 119,-

    Estrogens are processed in the liver into metabolites (metabolic products). These z...

    • MMA Vitamin B12 Deficiency Methylmalonic Acid in Urine

    MMA Vitamin B12 Deficiency Methylmalonic Acid in Urine

    € 87,-

    Methylmalonic acid accumulates in human body during vitamin B12 deficiency

    • Legionella Legionnaires' disease from urine

    Legionella Legionnaires' disease from urine

    € 25,-

    The number of people who have contracted Legionnaires' disease has gradually increased over the past six years,...

    • Glyphosate urine test

    Glyphosate urine test

    € 87,-

    Glyphosate causes deficiency of amino acids in vegetables grown after this ...

    • Amphetamines in urine

    Amphetamines in urine

    € 39,-

    This test contains Amphetamine in urine creatinine in urine and urine status.
    Amphetamine remains...

    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

Not a fan of blood sampling, but still want to measure certain things? Then you can also have some tests done in urine. In your urine, you can measure various cellular values, metabolic products and microorganisms.
Among other things, you can test your magnesium levels, estrogen metabolites, vitamin B12, legionella bacteria and many more in your urine. With the help of a urinalysis, you can get more information about the functioning of your body and detect any diseases.
You will receive a urine tube and a vacuum aspirator to suck the urine into a tube.
You will also receive the shipping material to send this tube with the proper packaging to the laboratory.

See also the instruction video for collecting urine to send the tube.

Urine testing

Once taken and submitted, you will receive the results in a PDF document by email. No one else receives these results, unless you give written permission. For results that require immediate medical follow-up, you will be called first.
Curious about the condition of your body? Then order a urinalysis today.

The following collection method is used in all urine tests of Blood Value Test:

1. Spontaneous urine collection
Spontaneous urine collection involves a person urinating naturally into an appropriate collection container without special preparation or stimulation. This urine is collected for medical or laboratory purposes without active outside interference such as catheters or other devices.

2. Second morning urine

The exception is URINE HCL in, for example, the Neurotransmitter test.
Here the following collection method is used:

Collecting 2nd morning urine involves a person collecting a second urine sample in the morning after the first morning urine. It is often used in medical tests because it can be more concentrated than the first morning urine, which can be useful for certain diagnostic purposes. No special preparations are required except that the person urinates in the morning and then collects a sample for analysis in an appropriate container.

Thus, we do NOT use the following sampling methods:
3. Midstream urine/portion of urine
4. 24 hour urine






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