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Hepatitis B (5)

Read all about hepatitis B, a serious liver infection caused by the HBV virus. At you will find comprehensive tests for timely detection and insight into your health.


    • Hepatitis B immunity

    Hepatitis B immunity

    € 19,50

    To check whether a person is infected with hepatitis B virus or to verify that the treatment is...

    • Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis B

    € 25,-

    This test examines whether HBsAg can be detected. HBsAg is part of the hepatitis B...

    • Hepatitis anti-HBc IgM

    Hepatitis anti-HBc IgM

    € 39,-

    Hepatitis anti-HBc-IgM says something about a current Hepatitis infection, this blood test is...

    • Hepatitis anti-HBc

    Hepatitis anti-HBc

    € 29,-

    Hepatitis anti-HBc
    A test for antibodies to the hepatitis core antigen". Each ...

    • Hepatitis Be antigen

    Hepatitis Be antigen

    € 25,-

    This test is used to detect active hepatitis B virus infection and v...

What is hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease that can cause serious damage to the liver and is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). How do you get hepatitis B? The transmission of this virus occurs mainly through blood-blood contact, such as by sharing needles and through sexual contact, which is why it can also be considered a sexually transmitted disease. This makes understanding the routes of transmission and risk of infection essential, both for your own health and for the protection of others. Our tests are specifically designed to help you determine if you have contracted the virus and to provide important information about your immune status toward the virus.

Symptoms of hepatitis B

Symptoms of hepatitis B can vary depending on individual health and the stage of infection. Common symptoms include fatigue, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), dark urine and abdominal pain. In some cases, however, people with hepatitis B may be asymptomatic, meaning they experience no obvious symptoms. This can lead to undetected spread of the virus. Recognizing these symptoms is crucial, especially since early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent serious liver problems, including cirrhosis and liver cancer. Our tests provide a reliable way to determine the presence of the virus even in the absence of symptoms.

Testing for hepatitis B

At, we offer a range of tests to accurately detect and understand hepatitis B. These tests include:

  • Hepatitis B infection test: This test is designed to determine if there is active hepatitis B infection. It is crucial for people who have recently been exposed to the virus or are experiencing symptoms.
  • Hepatitis B immunity test: This test checks whether you are immune to the hepatitis B virus, either through previous infection or vaccination. It provides important information about your level of protection against the virus.
  • Hepatitis B e Antigen (HBeAg): This test is used to determine the infectivity of the virus. A positive HBeAg test indicates high infectivity and active virus replication.
  • Hepatitis Anti-HBc: This test detects antibodies to the hepatitis B core antigen, which can help determine a recent or past infection.
  • Hepatitis Anti-HBc IgM: This test detects IgM antibodies, which is an indication of recent hepatitis B infection.

These tests are essential for providing accurate and reliable results, which helps determine the best approach for treatment and management of the infection.

Hepatitis B infection and infectivity.

It is important to know how hepatitis B is spread and how contagious it is. The virus is transmitted primarily through direct contact with infected blood or body fluids, meaning the risk of infection is higher with unprotected sex and sharing needles. The tests we offer can help assess your risk of infection and are an important tool to prevent further spread of the virus. By being aware of your hepatitis B status, you can take appropriate measures to protect yourself and others.

Your health matters

At, we are committed to your health and well-being. Our hepatitis B testing provides you with the insights you need, whether you have symptoms, want to assess your risk or want to know your immunity status. Testing for hepatitis B is a crucial step in protecting your health and the health of others. We encourage you to take control of your sexual health and order your test today so you can take timely and appropriate action for a healthier life. We also have other STD tests in our assortment.

Order your hepatitis B test today

Hepatitis B is a serious but treatable condition, where early detection and understanding of your health status are essential. At, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and accessible tests for hepatitis B to help you make informed decisions about your health. We encourage anyone who may have been exposed to the virus or is experiencing symptoms of hepatitis B to not wait and order a test. Early action can be crucial in controlling the infection and preventing long-term effects on your health. We are here to help you protect and improve your health. We are here to support you every step of the way for this.

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