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  • No referral needed from your family doctor
  • Compose your own research
  • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

Vingerprik testen (33)

Gain insight into your health? You can easily do that from home with our finger prick tests! Referral from a doctor is not necessary. Unique: combine multiple tests with only 1 finger prick


    • TSH, Free T4 and FT3 - Finger prick

    TSH, Free T4 and FT3 - Finger prick

    € 65,- € 59,-

    Do you have a thyroid gland that works too slow or too fast, are you tired all the time or can't manage to...

    • Cholesterol package - Finger prick

    Cholesterol package - Finger prick

    € 31,-

    Cholesterol plays an important role in the body in building tissues and organe...

    • Vitamin D3 - Finger prick

    Vitamin D3 - Finger prick

    € 35,- € 29,-

    Test to detect cause of bone problems parathyroid disease misunderstood spi...

    • Vitamin B12 - Finger prick

    Vitamin B12 - Finger prick

    € 35,- € 29,-

    This blood test by finger prick finds out if vitamin B12 deficiency is causing your symptoms....

    • Testosterone - Finger prick

    Testosterone - Finger prick

    € 39,- € 35,-

    Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Testosterone is produced in the near...

    • Folic acid B11 - Finger prick

    Folic acid B11 - Finger prick

    € 35,- € 25,-

    Folic acid is necessary for the creation and repair of cells and tissues. The substance...

    • Iron profile - Finger prick

    Iron profile - Finger prick

    € 39,-

    Symptoms for chronic iron accumulation (hemochromatosis) are usually vague. It is thereo...

    • ActiveVitB12 (Holo TC) - Finger prick

    ActiveVitB12 (Holo TC) - Finger prick

    € 59,-

    This Holo-TC (Active-B12) finger prick test measures only the active part, making it a b...

    • Sodium - Finger prick

    Sodium - Finger prick

    € 9,-

    Sodium is a salt and is also called an electrolyte because it has a positive charge...

    • Magnesium blood - Finger prick

    Magnesium blood - Finger prick

    € 39,95

    If your magnesium levels are too low you can suffer from restless leggs, among other things. Magnesium is...

    • AMH - Finger prick

    AMH - Finger prick

    € 59,-

    With a one-time finger prick measurement of Anti-Muller Hormone (AMH) in the blood, the ...

    • Alkalische Fosfatase - Vingerprik

    Alkalische Fosfatase - Vingerprik

    € 49,-

    A blood test for alkaline phosphatase can help diagnose and monitore...

    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

The finger prick home test: 2 methods

Finger prick tests can be performed in two ways: capillary blood sampling and Dried Blood Spot (DBS). Both ways of finger pricking you can perform yourself at home.

Capillary Blood Lancing in Tube

Because more blood is collected than with the DBS method, the laboratory can usually analyze the blood better and more reliably.

Dried Blood Spot (DBS).

The Dried Blood Spot (DBS) method of finger pricking involves taking blood at home, letting it dry on filter paper and then sending it in for analysis.

For both methods of blood sampling, it is nice that you can do it at home but because you have to squeeze the blood from your finger, the blood cells can be damaged which can make the results less reliable. In addition, some people find it quite difficult to squeeze enough blood out of their finger and sometimes the collection fails because of this to either order a new test or to go to a clinic for a collection through the vein after all.

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