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Do I have to be sober?

Do you have to be sober for the blood draw? (Has nothing to do with alcohol:)

Most tests do not require you to be sober. If you need to be completely sober, it is clearly stated with the test.
If your blood values are good, they will be good even if you are not sober.

Optimal result

Do you want to be on the safe side, for the best results regarding;

  • Glucose (glucose also cannot be measured sober, then you get other reference values)
  • Cholesterol (fat profile)
  • Liver function

Then we have the following dietary advice for you:

From the evening before your appointment, after 23:00, do not have any coffee or dairy products (such as milk, buttermilk or yoghurt). No fried foods and no alcoholic beverages. For breakfast and/or lunch take a maximum of 2 slices of wholemeal bread topped with, for example, low-fat meat products without butter. Drink water or tea without milk or sugar. Do not eat sweets, fruit or dairy products.

If the results are abnormal, the test may be repeated sober to see if it is correct.

If you really need to be sober for a medical test then the following applies :

Sober means: from 20:00 the night before the blood draw, do not eat. from 20:00 you can only drink water.


HOMOCYSTINE you have to be sober for 12 hours.

CORTISOL: For clarity of reference values, it is best to have your blood drawn before 10am.

HOMA IR: You must be sober for this test.

BOTISOENZYM, BAP OSTEOPEROSE: This test requires you to be sober for 12 hours.

TESTOSTERON: Because of fluctuations due to day and night rhythms, blood sampling is recommended in the morning (approximately from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.) in order to be able to compare results. Therefore, you do not need to be sober, but preferably get your blood drawn in the morning.


For all InsideTracker blood tests, it is best if you fast 12 hours before the blood draw.In addition to fasting, please: Do not do any strenuous physical exercises 48 hours before the blood test. If you are a novice weightlifter, avoid lifting at least 7 days before the InsideTracker blood test.
Drink extra water before the blood test to be well hydrated.
We recommend not drinking alcohol or taking supplements for at least 24 hours before the InsideTracker blood test. If you take Biotin, stop taking this supplement at least 72 hours before your test. Continue to take your medications as advised by your doctor.
Try to schedule your blood draw in the morning to ensure the most accurate cortisol level results.



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