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Have I produced antibodies? (1)

After the tenth day the first antibodies arise, after the 3rd to 4th week the seroconversion to the long-lasting IgG antibodies takes place if all goes well. You can measure this with an antibody blood test.


Did I make antibodies?

To know if you have had corona, if you have made antibodies and if you still have antibodies against Covid-19, you can do a blood test.

1) If you don't know exactly when you had Covid-19:

The Roche test takes a broader view and picks up whether you have produced antibodies as early as 10 days after the first symptoms of the disease, but it only shows the sum of the IgA, IgM and IgG antibodies.

2) If you are sure you had Covid-19 more than 4 weeks ago choose the Abbott test.

If you are sure you had Corona more than a month ago, it is best to do the Abbott test, which only measures the long-term IgG antibodies. This test is used to see if the seroconversion from short term to long term antibodies has taken place, and is used to monitor how the progression of the antibodies is going in you.

Euroimmune test

3) If you want to use the option to take blood from your finger and send the kit to the lab yourself, you can choose the Euroimmune IgG antibody test.

4) If you do not produce IgG antibodies but still want to measure whether you are protected via your T-memory cells then you can choose the QUAN-T-CELL test.

covid-19 antibodies progression over time

see also RIVM: antibodies SARS-Cov-19 remain visible in the blood for at least 200 days.

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