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IGene (5)


    • iGene DNA test Basic

    iGene DNA test Basic

    € 139,- € 126,-

    iGene Basic shows what genetic predisposition you have and also shows what enzymes are involved in this ...

    • iGene DNA test Farmaco (including MTHFR)

    iGene DNA test Farmaco (including MTHFR)

    € 229,- € 206,-

    This DNA saliva analysis offers you insight into your genetic predisposition to drugs also we...

    • iGene DNA test Health Without Disorders

    iGene DNA test Health Without Disorders

    € 289,- € 246,-

    If you don't want your conditions free in your app (yet), you still receive all the adviez...

    • iGene DNA test Health

    iGene DNA test Health

    € 289,- € 246,-

    iGene HEALTH is the most complete DNA saliva test available. It provides information on all available...

    • iGene ExtraGene analysis

    iGene ExtraGene analysis

    € 356,95

    In doing so, additional gene information is released in the professional dashboard of the iGene...


Choose the iGene DNA test that suits you best.

What do you want to discover about yourself? Something about different personal characteristics? Would you like to know about your sensitivity to certain medicines? Or would you like to receive detailed information about your genetic predisposition for certain disorders?

The results are shown in an app:

The iGene app

Your DNA data is safe and anonymous at the Dutch company iGene.

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