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Corona covid-19 control tests (3)

The most prominent and reliable corona antibody (CE) tests are performed in our ISO certified laboratory. We can take care of blood collection at one of our lancing stations.

Corona covid-19 control tests

Do you have symptoms that could fit the new coronavirus? Then make an appointment to get tested. That way we can control the spread of the virus and protect each other. Only go outside for the test. Stay home until you have the results of the test.

If you also have a fever or are short of breath, your housemates will stay at home until the results of the test are known.
If your housemates have symptoms,they should also be tested.

You can request these tests at

Corona gargle test

If you can't go there and your employer is willing to pay for the test, you can order the "I have now corona gurgle test". You can take this yourself and send it to the lab. The quick test, which gives a result within 15 minutes, has to be taken by a health professional by means of a nasal swap and is therefore only interesting for organisations that want to test a lot of people at once.

After you have (presumably) had Corona, do you want to test if you have actually built up antibodies?

You can usually see this in your blood 14 days after the first symptoms of the disease.

With these official lab tests, you can show by your lab report how much antibodies you have against corona covid 19.

Because there is still a lot of uncertainty about corona testing and the information varies daily, you are required to give your phone number during the order for a telephone explanation.

covid-19_when_to_test_bloodvalue test

For more information read this blog

Not anonymous:

1) By ordering this test you give permission to share information with the relevant authorities. (see also duty to report)

2) If you take this test, you can sign up with agencies that seek blood donors for antibodies to corona as medicine.

See more information about the resultshere

Update June 2020: currently we offer 3 types of covid-19 antibody tests:

GOOD: If you don't know exactly when you've been ill: The Roche test measures whether you have antibodies with 99.8% reliability

A total of the IgM/IgA and igG antibodies is reported. if you want to know how much of which antibody you can test further with one of the tests below:

BETTER:If you are sure the infection was more than 4 weeks ago and you want to know how much sustained IgG antibodies you have built up.

BEST: If you want to know exactly which IgA and IgG antibodies you have built up. This test can be done at suspected infection of 2 weeks after the first symptoms of the disease.

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