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  • No referral needed from your family doctor
  • Compose your own research
  • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

The laboratory

You can go to 800 locations in the Netherlands for blood sampling.

In the Netherlands, not everyone is in favour of health checks and preventive medical examinations without a referral from the general practitioner. In the countries surrounding us, this is much more standard. That is why works together with a large German laboratory, which has been optimally arranging the dispatch via Medical Post for years. You send the blood to Valkenburg and the courier from the lab picks it up every day.

Medical Laboratories Dr. Stein & Colleagues

Whether it's diagnostics, medical advice or other areas of laboratory medicine, quality is a top priority at Dr. Stein + Kollegen Medical Laboratory. The team of more than 500 employees puts in optimal effort so that you receive your results on time and reliably. More than 5 million samples per year say more than enough: customers, senders and patients trust this laboratory.

The 17 specialists, 8 biologists, 3 chemists and 5 doctors in training at Medical Laboratory Dr. Stein + Kollegen are at your side with their professional competence. In daily practice, they provide the basis for individual decisions and support in finding a diagnosis.

Since 1999, Medical Laboratory Dr. Stein has been among the No. 1 providers of medical diagnostics in Germany. Expertise is exchanged and collaborated with the 30 other laboratories of the Limbach Group, to which this lab belongs.

Activities focus on clinical chemistry in the broadest sense. This includes the analysis of body fluids (e.g. blood), hair and tissues. Medical Laboratories Dr. Stein", popularly known as Lab Stein, has an excellent reputation within the Dutch healthcare sector and adjacent fields.

In case of ultra pathological results, immediate telephone contact is made.

The laboratory

The state of the art laboratory has the most advanced equipment in the laboratory field and is ISO 17025 and ISO/IEC 15189:2007 accredited. Click here for more information about the certificates and quality. The Dr. Stein + Kollegen Medical Laboratory is part of the Limbach Group, which has more than thirty German and dozens of European medical laboratories as members.

Ninety (90) % of the Dutch non-curative health care sector is a contributor to Stein.

This includes almost all national and regional Health and Safety Departments, all sports associations/federations, 12 general hospitals, 4 universities and many private clinics and private doctors. lab Stein also takes care of 70% of all examinations from insurance companies.

Location of LabStein, just across the border:

The courier of Lab Stein drives up and down every day to collect the medical mail from the Netherlands. Also on Saturdays.

See here why there is no fixed delivery time for the various blood tests:


RP Sanitas Humanus takes care of the tests which RP stands for, like the saliva stress test, several stool tests and the whatmagical food intolerance tests. In contradiction to the tests done by LabStein, (this lab investigates for the regular care), the lab RP sanitas humanus is only focused on the complementary care. For a follow-up or treatment of these tests you should contact orthomolecular therapist Dr. Ir. Julia Schantl.

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