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Malaria (3)

Detect Malaria quickly & reliably with a blood test from For symptoms such as fever and headache after visiting a malaria area, we recommend it!


    • Intestinal parasite examination

    Intestinal parasite examination

    € 97,-

    Diarrhea abdominal pain nausea eczema skin complaints and fatigue? They can be caused ...

    • Backpacker Checkup

    Backpacker Checkup

    € 97,-

    Diarrhea abdominal pain nausea? Been abroad? Then take the Backpacker Check Test....

    • Malaria


    € 79,- € 69,-

    If you have been to a malaria area and you don't have malaria pills, for example, ...

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by Plasmodium parasites, which are transmitted by the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. There are several types of Plasmodium parasites, but the most severe form of malaria is caused by Plasmodium falciparum. This disease occurs mainly in tropical and subtropical regions, where these mosquitoes are common. Malaria is characterized by cycles of fever, chills and sweating, and without treatment can lead to serious complications and even death.

Symptoms of Malaria

Symptoms of malaria can vary, but often include fever, headache, malaise, muscle pain, and in severe cases, symptoms such as jaundice, seizures and loss of consciousness. The incubation period of malaria, the time between infection and the appearance of symptoms, typically ranges from 7 to 14 days.

The importance of early detection

Early detection of malaria is crucial for effective treatment and prevention of serious health complications. This is particularly important for travelers returning from malaria areas, especially if they have not taken preventive malaria pills. Early detection and treatment of malaria increases the chance of full recovery and reduces the risk of serious complications.

The Malaria Test Parasite Infection

The Malaria Test Parasite Infection, available from, is a thorough method for detecting malaria infections. This test is designed to quickly and accurately detect the presence of Plasmodium parasites, including Plasmodium falciparum. It is an essential tool for people experiencing symptoms after returning from a malaria area. The test can be taken at home and is then analyzed in a professional laboratory, ensuring reliable results. A positive result on this test indicates malaria infection and requires immediate medical attention.

Importance of testing in the absence of malaria pills

Undergoing a malaria test is especially important for persons who have not taken malaria pills during their stay in a high-risk area. Without preventive medication, the risk of contracting malaria infection is higher. In such cases, Malaria Test Parasite infection can offer early detection, which is essential for effective treatment and reducing the risk of serious health problems. Even with mild symptoms, taking the test is recommended, as malaria can quickly become severe without appropriate treatment.

Treatment and prevention of malaria

If the test result is positive, immediate treatment is necessary. Treatment for malaria depends on several factors, including the type of Plasmodium parasite, severity of symptoms, and the patient's medical history. Antimalarial drugs are the most common treatment, but early diagnosis is crucial for their effectiveness. Prevention also plays an important role in controlling malaria. Taking preventive malaria medication, using mosquito repellents, wearing covering clothing and sleeping under a mosquito net are all effective ways to reduce the risk of malaria. Regular malaria testing before and after travel to high-risk areas can help with early detection and treatment of the disease.

Reporting positive test results

In case of a positive Malaria Test Parasite infection result, it is crucial to report it to health authorities, such as the Public Health Service. This is important not only for personal treatment and care, but also for public health management and preventing further spread of the disease. The GGD can take appropriate action and advise on the best treatment options. Reporting a positive test also helps monitor malaria cases in a particular area and contributes to overall efforts to control the spread of malaria.

Order your Malaria test today

Malaria is a serious disease that requires effective and timely diagnosis and treatment. With the Malaria Test Parasite Infection from, you can quickly and accurately determine if you have contracted malaria infection, especially after a stay in a high-risk area. This test is an essential tool for both individual health and public health care. We encourage anyone experiencing symptoms after visiting a malaria area to take a malaria test as soon as possible. Order your malaria test today!

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