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Pregnancy (23)

People with a desire to have children might consider blood tests to detect possible fertility problems or medical conditions. These tests can help improve the chances of a successful pregnancy during treatments i


    • Grip AMH and Chlamydia

    Grip AMH and Chlamydia

    € 97,-

    Grip helps you rule out the most common causes of impaired fertility

    • Toxoplasmosis screening

    Toxoplasmosis screening

    € 27,-

    Toxoplasma gondii search test. Should this test come back positive, it is recommended that you continue to...

    • Zika Virus IgM and IgG

    Zika Virus IgM and IgG

    € 99,-

    IgM antibodies to the Zika virus appear 4 to 5 days after the onset of see...

    • IVF lab test woman

    IVF lab test woman

    € 639,- € 495,-

    IREMA offers a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and specific treatment of fruitb...

    • hCG blood

    hCG blood

    € 25,-

    hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the growth factor for the placenta and is produced...

    • Vaginal Screening RP

    Vaginal Screening RP

    € 49,-

    With this smear that you can easily perform yourself, you can detect vaginal infections...

    • Folic Acid Intracellular

    Folic Acid Intracellular

    € 39,-

    If folium value is requested erocytically, automatically the hematocrit is also determined...

    • Folic acid B11

    Folic acid B11

    € 25,-

    Folic acid is necessary for the creation and repair of cells and tissues. The substance...

    • Iron, Transferrin Saturation and Ferritin

    Iron, Transferrin Saturation and Ferritin

    € 38,-

    Transferrin and Ferritin are proteins in the blood. These tests are done in suspected...

    • Vital and Fertile blood test

    Vital and Fertile blood test

    € 199,-

    Are you ready to take control of YOUR fertility? At the request of Dr. Jenaida ...

    • group B streptococcal test

    group B streptococcal test

    € 19,-

    The "Group B Streptococcus" is a bacterium that is found in many pregnant women in the vagina (sc...

    • Blood type and Rhesus

    Blood type and Rhesus

    € 67,-

    AB0-rhesus blood group typing is used to determine whether a person's blood type is A B...

    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant?
Here you will find some studies that may be of interest to you.

Examinations before or during pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, there are several blood tests that can be relevant to assess the health of the mother and baby, and to detect any complications. Here are some of the most relevant blood tests and why they are performed:

During pregnancy:

  • Blood Type and Rh Factor: To determine the mother's blood type and Rh factor, which is important to avoid potential problems if the mother is Rh-negative and the baby is Rh-positive.
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit iron and ferritin: To detect anemia, which is common during pregnancy.
  • Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT): To detect gestational diabetes. This is not offered by Blood Values Test , however the HbA1c test: The advantage of the HbA1c test is that it is less inconvenient than the GTT because you do not have to be sober and do not have to drink glucose solution. On the other hand, the HbA1c test may be less sensitive than the GTT and cannot always detect gestational diabetes. Therefore, the choice between the GTT and the HbA1c test will depend on your healthcare provider's recommendations and your individual situation
  • Iron levels: To monitor iron deficiency and anemia.
  • Rubella test: To confirm whether the mother is immune to rubella (rubella).
  • Syphilis and HIV testing: To detect infections that may be harmful to the baby.

After pregnancy:

  • Thyroid function tests: Especially if the mother had thyroid problems during pregnancy, as this can affect the health of the mother and baby.
  • Monitoring for infections: Repeat testing for syphilis and HIV if the mother previously tested positive to ensure she receives appropriate treatment.
  • Antibodies to Rh factor: If the mother is Rh-negative and the baby was Rh-positive, a check can be done to see if she has developed antibodies to the Rh factor.

These tests are important to monitor complications during pregnancy and the health of both the mother and baby. They allow health care providers to intervene early if problems arise and provide appropriate care for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. The exact tests and timing may vary depending on the medical history and specific circumstances of the pregnancy. It is important to consult with a health care provider about which tests are relevant to you.

Many clients of Blood Value Test are undergoing treatment abroad and can have the desired blood test done in the Netherlands, close to home, for their foreign doctor. Feel free to email your referral letter with blood tests from your foreign doctor, and we will make you an offer.

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