• Vaginal Screening RP
  • Vaginal Screening RP

Vaginal Screening RP

    With this smear, which you can easily perform yourself, you can detect vaginal infections that, for example, get in the way of wanting to have children.

    € 49,-

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    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Vaginal Screening RP

    Vaginal Screening including Micology through a smear.

    Examination of the presence of fungi, good bacteria and environment in the vagina.
    This examination takes place through a smear test that you can perform yourself.

    Please note that this test has nothing to do with the population screening for cervical cancer.

    Just like the intestines, the vagina has its own specific biome to support its health.

    The vaginal flora consists mainly of Lactobacillus species and Bifidobacterium species, and
    the pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. The vaginal pH is important the metabolic processes within the vaginal microbiota. An elevated pH can cause an overgrowth of microorganisms. The vaginal flora has a complex structure that can change rapidly and drastically. It has a great deal of impact on women's health.

    In this examination, the microbiota is examined both bacteriologically and mycologically.

    Detection of the various, possibly present yeasts and fungi in the vagina such as:

    • Candida albicans
    • Candida glabrata
    • Aspergillus fumigatus
    • Candida krusei
    • Aspergillus niger
    • Candida parapsilosis
    • Mucor species
    • Candida sp.
    • Candida tropicalis

    A glove is included with the test kit so you can take the test yourself.
    The results give a clear overview of the quantitative composition of the vaginal microbiota.

    Instruction smear

    Make a smear of the inner and outer labia. Then insert the what 3 centimeters deep and make a smear of the walls.
    Take the cap off the tube and insert the cotton swab into the tube. The cotton swab is also directly the cap of the tube, making the tube ready for immediate shipment in the provided material.


    User Reviews 5 / 5Reviews:(3)

    • WR By Wish Mother - 08-08-2021 15:03

      5 / 5

      Very happy with this test. I received the test quickly and got the results after 1.5 weeks. It confirmed my suspicion that I have too little lactobacteria in my microbiome. I've changed my diet now and use probiotics. In a few months I want to test again and hopefully see some improvement.

    • EN By Erlin - 14-04-2021 22:27

      5 / 5

      Had a suspicion that I had few lactobacilli, because I seemed to be inexplicably infertile. The test confirmed my suspicions. I was on probiotics for 2 months before my next ivf transfer. That transfer proved successful. I now want to be tested again to see if my microbiome has indeed improved.

    • LA By linda - 24-02-2021 16:44

      5 / 5

      Very satisfied. It really helped me and I was able to do the right treatment. I had problems year after year that I couldn't solve with the gynecologist! Really recommend this. Quickly received the results. Super satisfied!

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      • Vaginal Screening RP

      Vaginal Screening RP

      € 49,-

      With this smear that you can easily perform yourself, you can detect vaginal infections...

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      Vaginal Screening RP

      Vaginal Screening RP

      € 49,-

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