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Bodybuilding (12)

Blood work for bodybuilders. For monitoring health, performance and safety monitoring. Helps adjust training, diet and prevent health problems.


    • Flex Challenge + Oestradiol

    Flex Challenge + Oestradiol

    € 198,- € 177,-

    Test for strength athletes check for: It checks for anemia, liver functions, kidney...

    • Flex Challenge test

    Flex Challenge test

    € 189,- € 167,-

    This challenge test is specially formulated for strength athletes bodybuilders and MMA Fight...

    • Bodybuilding test

    Bodybuilding test

    € 137,-

    Order this complete blood values test for bodybuilders and strength athletes. Improve m...

    • Email consultation for strength athletes by internist

    Email consultation for strength athletes by internist

    € 44,50 € 39,95

    The consultation involves an email consultation about blood results.

    Blood tests during an...

    • Flex Control Test

    Flex Control Test

    € 169,- € 159,-

    Specially formulated for strength athletes bodybuilders and MMA Fighters. Regularly feed your blo...

    • Bodybuilding Woman Light

    Bodybuilding Woman Light

    € 296,-

    Anouk Holman compiled this basic blood test to b...

    • Bodybuilding Woman Xtra

    Bodybuilding Woman Xtra

    € 387,-

    Anouk Holman put together this comprehensive blood test to help the athletes for Bikini Fitness...

    • Prolactin test for men

    Prolactin test for men

    € 29,-

    Prolactin is a hormone made in the pituitary gland. It stimulates the production of...

    • Bell Coaching test

    Bell Coaching test

    € 189,-

    Having your blood checked regularly is a must for any serious athlete. This test is s...

    • Testosterone (free) + SHBG + estradiol

    Testosterone (free) + SHBG + estradiol

    € 99,-

    For the "Real Men Don't Diet," Robbert Wolters proposed this testosterone/estrogen pa...

    • Bloody Good Body

    Bloody Good Body

    € 129,-

    Blood tests compare your blood with the values of a healthy person. This way you can quickly get...

    • Wesley Vissers' optimal bodybuilding test

    Wesley Vissers' optimal bodybuilding test

    € 377,-

    A structured approach to health monitoring, recommending at least a six-month...

    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

Testing for strength athletes

These tests are specially designed for power athletes who want to monitor their body from time to time.

Many bodybuilders have their blood tested at for several reasons:

  • Health and Safety: Intensive bodybuilding can cause physical stress on the body. Monitoring blood levels helps identify potential health problems, such as hormonal imbalance or liver and kidney function, allowing them to be addressed early.
  • Performance optimization: Bodybuilders strive for maximum muscle growth and strength. By having their blood tested, they can gain insight into hormonal levels and nutrient status, which can help fine-tune their diet and supplement regimen.
  • Preventing overtraining: Monitoring blood levels can recognize signs of overtraining, such as high inflammatory markers, allowing bodybuilders to adjust their training program to prevent injury and excessive fatigue.
  • Control of side effects: Some bodybuilders use anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing substances, which carries risks. Regular blood tests help monitor side effects and health effects of such use.
  • General wellness: In addition to muscle growth, maintaining general health is important. Blood tests can reveal problems such as nutritional deficiencies, anemia or high blood pressure.

Having blood levels tested is a preventive and proactive approach to health and performance for strength athletes. It allows them to optimize training and lifestyle, monitor health and address potential problems in a timely manner.

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