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What tests can you do if getting pregnant is difficult? (40)

Candida, chlamydia, hormonal imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Work with our experts to find the cause of why you have yet to succeed in getting pregnant.


    • Grip AMH and Chlamydia

    Grip AMH and Chlamydia

    € 97,-

    Grip helps you rule out the most common causes of impaired fertility

    • Vaginal Screening RP

    Vaginal Screening RP

    € 49,-

    With this smear that you can easily perform yourself, you can detect vaginal infections...

    • Egg donation IVF Blood test

    Egg donation IVF Blood test

    € 195,-

    If you have turned to a clinic abroad for egg donation or an IVF...

    • FSH transition

    FSH transition

    € 25,-

    In women, FSH can be determined to determine whether the woman is going through menopause (menopausal...

    • Old Child Wish Abroad

    Old Child Wish Abroad

    € 197,-

    Blood tests for egg donation abroad including blood type determination and rhesus factor...

    • Testosterone (free) + SHBG

    Testosterone (free) + SHBG

    € 79,-

    Total testosterone is like the total amount of energy, while free testosterone is...

    • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

    Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

    € 69,-

    Dihydrotestosterone also known as DHT is known to be the biggest cause of erfeli...

    • Androstandiol


    € 87,-

    Androstandiol is a metabolite of DHT. By measuring this, we can see if something is wrong i...

    • Ferritin and HS-CRP

    Ferritin and HS-CRP

    € 45,- € 39,-

    This test measures the amount of ferritin and the (low-grade) inflammation level in blood.

    • Anti TPO and Anti TG

    Anti TPO and Anti TG

    € 97,-

    Slow working thyroid? This involves testing anti-TPO and Anti-TG (Thyreoid. microsomal...

    • ANA screening

    ANA screening

    € 39,-

    Test to see if the immune system makes anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA).

    • HbA1c


    € 12,50

    Diabetes? Diabetes the HbA1c test sees what has happened to your sugar levels over the past few months....

    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

If your fertility treatment takes place abroad, you can have the tests that your healthcare professional prescribes carried out at Blood Values Test. You can mail the prescription and request a quote.

Additional information about getting pregnant

In the blog of Loes Reus you can read which tests you can do in case of PCOS.

She also gives consultations for advice before or after your blood test.

Silke(fertility coach) can help you with questions about wanting to have children

If fertilization fails because of candida, Yvonne the candida coach can help you on your way.

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