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Preventive laboratory testing for personnel promotes early detection of health problems, disease prevention, cost savings, employee well-being and satisfaction, absence reduction, and a healthy corporate culture. It is a valuable investeri


    • ZZP Check-up

    ZZP Check-up

    € 339,- € 239,-

    Are you healthy? Want information about your risk of disability? Test your health...

    • Entrepreneurial Check-up

    Entrepreneurial Check-up

    € 339,- € 239,-

    A preventive medical examination is tax deductible as a cost.

    • Executive check-up m/f

    Executive check-up m/f

    € 187,50

    Medical blood and urine tests for key vitamins minerals and risks. T...

Do you want information about your risk of disability? Do you want to know if you live a healthy life? These tests are for entrepreneurs, completely anonymous. Make a start for a healthier lifestyle. Have your blood values checked regularly, so that you can take control of your health. Blood Values Test is affiliated with the Dutch Society for Preventive Health Research.


A preventive medical examination is tax deductible as a cost. The costs must be related to the continuation of the business.

Preventive laboratory testing for personnel offers several benefits:

  • Early detection of health problems: By conducting regular laboratory tests, potential health problems can be detected early, allowing for early intervention and treatment.
  • Disease prevention: Identifying risk factors and abnormalities in laboratory results can lead to healthy behavioral changes and lifestyle modifications, reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • Promoting health and well-being: Preventive health care encourages employees to be more actively involved in their own health, which can promote overall well-being and increase motivation and productivity.
  • Cost savings: Early detection and treatment of health problems can reduce medical costs for both employees and employers by preventing serious complications and prolonged treatment.
  • Employee loyalty and satisfaction: Providing preventive health care shows concern for employee well-being, which can increase staff loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Reduce absenteeism: By addressing health problems early, preventive care can reduce sick days and promote work continuity.
  • Healthy corporate culture: Promoting preventive care can contribute to a corporate culture that values health and wellness, which can be attractive to potential employees.

Implementing preventive laboratory testing as part of a broader occupational health care strategy can benefit both the health and productivity of the workforce, ultimately benefiting both employees and employers.

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