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Glyphosate (0)

Glyphosate points to risks such as cancer and Parkinson's disease. A recent study highlights the need for urinalysis to understand the impact of glyphosate and other pesticides on brain function.


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What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in widely used herbicides, including the well-known brand Roundup. It is used primarily in agriculture for weed control, but also in gardens and other areas where plant growth is undesirable. Glyphosate works by blocking an essential enzyme in plants, leading to their death. Despite its effectiveness in weed control, concerns have been raised about the potential health risks of glyphosate to humans, especially with prolonged or high exposure.

Health risks associated with glyphosate

The debate surrounding the safety of glyphosate has intensified in recent years. Studies have suggested that exposure to glyphosate may be associated with several health problems, including certain cancers, such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and other conditions such as liver and kidney problems. These concerns are exacerbated by the prevalence of glyphosate in the environment, which can expose people through various routes, such as food, water and even through the air. It is therefore essential to be aware of glyphosate levels in the body, especially for people who work in agriculture or live in areas where glyphosate is widely used.

Glyphosate urine examination and self-test

The glyphosate urine test and self-test from are designed to allow users to easily measure their exposure to glyphosate at home. These tests are not only user-friendly but also highly accurate, giving a reliable picture of glyphosate levels in the body. After urine is collected, the sample is sent to a certified laboratory for thorough analysis. These tests are ideal for people concerned about their exposure to glyphosate, especially if they live or work in areas where this herbicide is widely used.

The importance of testing for glyphosate

Testing for glyphosate is important for anyone who may have been exposed to this herbicide. This is especially true for farmers, gardeners, and people who live near agricultural areas. Regular testing can help identify elevated levels of glyphosate in the body, which can be crucial for early intervention and reducing potential health risks. By becoming aware of personal exposure, individuals can make informed health and lifestyle choices.

How does the glyphosate test work?

The glyphosate test works by collecting a urine sample that can be taken at home with the test kit provided. After collection, the sample is sent to our laboratory where it is analyzed for the presence and concentration of glyphosate. The results of the test provide a clear indication of glyphosate levels in the body. This information can then be used to assess possible exposure to glyphosate and, if necessary, take action to reduce further exposure. The process is designed to be quick, simple and as minimally invasive as possible, with the accuracy and reliability of professional laboratory analysis.

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Glyphosate is a commonly used herbicide, and exposure to it can potentially pose health risks. With the glyphosate urine test and self-test from, you can easily and accurately measure your exposure to this chemical. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions about your health and environment. We encourage anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to glyphosate, or who is concerned about potential health risks, to consider testing. Want more information about our glyphosate testing? If so, please contact us. Convinced? Then order a test and take control of your health into your own hands. We are committed to providing reliable and accessible testing solutions.

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