• MTHFR genetic research

MTHFR genetic research

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    MTHFR genetic research

    Genetic testing for MTHFR gene mutation C677T and MTHFR gene mutation A1298C. (EDTA).

    Please note, this test is also included in the iGene research for a lower price!
    Developments in DNA research are going fast, new techniques make it possible to analyze multiple genes for a lower price.

    An abnormality of the MTHFR gene results in reduced function of this MTHFR enzyme. As a result, no or reduced bioactive folate can be formed. This can have major health implications. 5-MTHF, the bioactive form of folic acid is needed for the body to make its own bioactive vitamin B12, methylcobalamin.

    This gene mutation affects:

    • Methylation; the process in the body that produces antioxidants, processes toxins and produces dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, norepinephrine and adrenaline
    • Quality of the immune system
    • The ability to detoxify the body
    • DNA construction and repair/regeneration capacity
    • The ability to produce neurotransmitters
    • The ability to make energy, ATP (muscle fuel)
    • The ability to make biologically active vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, itself

    For this study you need to sign a consent form and send it along to the laboratory. You will find this in the package that is sent to you.

    This study is also part of the iGene Passport.
    For more information between a clinical genetic test and a publicly available genetic test read this blog.

    This is a test by a clinical geneticist rather than a publicly available test like this iGene test. Hence the price difference.


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      MTHFR genetic research

      MTHFR genetic research

      € 478,-

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