• Copeptin CT-Pro-Arginin-Vasopressin

Copeptin CT-Pro-Arginin-Vasopressin

    When there is a suspicion of diabetes and you urinate a lot, the copeptin test is done.

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    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Copeptin CT-Pro-Arginin-Vasopressin

    Copeptin CT-pro-AVP from EDTA

    Arginine vasopressin (AVP) is also known as the antidiuretic hormone (ADH)

    This test examines the functioning of the pituitary gland and fluid regulation.

    This test is only useful on request of your specialist, it is not useful to interpret the results of this test as a consumer yourself. We cannot interpret the questions about the results for you, you should ask your treating specialist.


    The pituitary gland sends the hormone ADH to the kidneys at the right time in the right amount. ADH regulates the amount of urine and its concentration. It ensures that the kidneys hold enough water and do not release too much. ADH also has a vasoconstrictive effect. Together with the adrenal cortex hormone aldosterone it regulates the level of blood pressure.


    Polyuria is a condition where you have to urinate excessively. If you urinate more than 3 litres a day, you may be suffering from polyuria. It is not the same as pollakisuria, where you often have to urinate in small amounts.


    Polydipsia is having severe thirst due to underlying problem
    Just being thirsty is common, for example, after eating salty foods, after prolonged exposure to the hot sun, or after exercise. The feeling of thirst then disappears after drinking. In various conditions such as diabetes, you are faced with extreme thirst that does not improve after drinking. When an extreme, persistent thirst occurs, it is important to consult a doctor so that he can identify the cause as soon as possible and initiate treatment. Early recognition and treatment of polydipsia is the key to preventing potential problems. In most cases, polydipsia is easily treated and symptoms do not return once the cause is corrected.

    reference values:

    First see under clinical chemistry the results of the measured osmolality, as a result of which the reference values below apply:

    reference to osmolality
    Osmolalität (mosm/kg)CT-pro-AVP (pmol/l) *
    270 - 2800.81 - 11.6
    281 - 2851.00 - 13.7
    286 - 2901.5 - 15.3
    291 - 2952.3 - 24.5
    296 - 3002.4 - 28.2
    * 2.5 - 97.5 % = good

    Measurement method: Time Resolved Amplified Cryptate Emission (TRACE)

    The added value of this test is only of interest to a specialist.
    Measuring Hba1c and glucose is normally sufficient to gain insight into diabetes.
    Only in very rare cases is this test done if the cause of the high sugar is really impossible to determine.

    What does the result mean?

    CT-pro-arginine-vasopressin inadequately reduced. risk of Central diabetes insipidus:
    CT pro-arginine-vasopressin inadequately elevated. may be on Renal diabetes insipidus:

    Coffee, tea and nicotine should not be consumed before the blood collection. If possible, medication should be discontinued 48 hours in advance.


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      When there is a suspicion of diabetes and you urinate a lot, the copeptin test is done.

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      Copeptin CT-Pro-Arginin-Vasopressin

      Copeptin CT-Pro-Arginin-Vasopressin

      € 49,-

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