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Hormones from Finger Prick (8)

These finger prick tests are relevant for diagnosing and monitoring various aspects of health, such as metabolism, stress reactions, reproductive health. if you need some values satisfies finger prick, for more than 5 choose prick station.


    • Testosterone - Finger prick

    Testosterone - Finger prick

    € 39,- € 35,-

    Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Testosterone is produced in the near...

    • Estradiol/Oestrogen - Finger prick

    Estradiol/Oestrogen - Finger prick

    € 29,-

    Estradiol is the most important female sex hormone. Estradiol is required for a...

    • Cortisol - Finger prick

    Cortisol - Finger prick

    € 29,-

    Cortisol is needed to cope with stressful situations. But does the stress horm...

    • Progesterone - Finger prick

    Progesterone - Finger prick

    € 25,-

    Progesterone is a calming hormone. It is important that estrogen and progesterone with...

    • AMH - Finger prick

    AMH - Finger prick

    € 59,-

    With a one-time finger prick measurement of Anti-Muller Hormone (AMH) in the blood, the ...

    • FSH - Finger prick

    FSH - Finger prick

    € 25,-

    The main hormone produced under the influence LH and FSH in men is too...

    • LH hormone - Finger prick

    LH hormone - Finger prick

    € 28,-

    LH is produced in the pituitary gland and stimulates ovulation and then the production ...

    • TSH finger prick

    TSH finger prick

    € 65,- € 29,-

    Do you have a thyroid gland that works too slow or too fast, are you tired all the time or can't manage to...

We offer only those finger pricks from material that has been extensively tested and validated for reliability by our lab.

The tubes we include provide the most reliable results.

The procedure at the lab regarding these tubes is the same as that of venous blood.

However, it is important to carefully follow the instructions for blood collection with a finger prick.

Multiple tests can be obtained from a tube of finger prick blood.

Should the finger prick sampling fail, you will receive a refund.

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