• Varizella zoster virus? Am I immune?

Varizella zoster virus? Am I immune?

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    Product Description

    Varizella zoster virus? Am I immune?

    Varizella zoster virus (HHV-3) IgG avidity (serum) code: VZVGAThe
    less specific the antibodies, the lower the avidity.

    Shingles results from local reactivation of varicella-zoster virus. Occurs mainly in the elderly and with weakened resistance. The incidence is about 3/1000 per year, rising to 10/1000 per year in 80-year-olds. About half of 90-year-olds have ever had it. About 6% get it a second time (usually after many years).

    Most Dutch people experience chicken pox (varicella) in childhood and then become resistant to the herpes zoster virus. Later in life, when resistance decreases, a local recurrence can occur in a dermatome, hence the name shingles. There is often severe pain, especially in adults.

    Immune-compromised patients have a greater chance of a serious course of shingles and post-herpetic pain. After an attack, the immune response to the virus increases again, but a new outbreak of shingles remains possible.

    During the first 1-2 weeks, the herpes vesicles can be contagious to people who have not yet had chickenpox (leading to chickenpox). Staying home from work or school is not helpful. The disease is dangerous for newborns if mother has shingles in the period five days before to two days after birth and for patients with impaired immune system.


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      Varizella zoster virus? Am I immune?

      Varizella zoster virus? Am I immune?

      € 45,-

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