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  • TFT parasites in stool RP

TFT parasites in stool RP

    Measuring parasites in stools with the TFT test. We look for worms, worm eggs and protozoa. and immunological research for Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia.

    € 187,-

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    Very nice agency. I have a full check done annually and am very satisfied. Result of the test comes quickly and customer service is easily accessible.



    Super fast, received results of extensive blood test after only one week

    Product Description

    TFT parasites in stool RP

    TFT or Triplet Feces test

    This test is sometimes recommended by our doctors as a follow-up examination to health screening bowel, if there is reason to do so.

    Make sure you send in the stool for this test in the right way, otherwise the test cannot be processed and you will have to do it again.



    TripletFecesTest (TFT) gives a high chance of detecting possible parasites in the stool.
    You will receive 3 test samples, for three days, with instructions and the form.
    You will receive the result by mail within about 3 weeks.

    Excretion of parasites is irregular. Therefore, in this test faecal samples are collected over three days. Another feature of this test is that sodium acetate acetic acid formalin (SAF) is used as a fixative on days 1 and 3. This ensures that the parasites are preserved, so that they do not disintegrate and can therefore be properly detected. Then the preparations are stained according to the Iron Haematoxylin Kinyoun method (IHK method), a very good staining method. On day 2 the internal structure (nuclei, vacuoles) of possible parasites is examined using a direct Iodine-Potassium Iodide (JKJ) staining method. The aforementioned features of the TFT are responsible for a much higher specificity and sensitivity with regard to parasites in faeces than the conventional method, which involves the sedimentation of fresh faeces with ether. Each sample is examined microscopically for parasitological disturbances such as worms, worm eggs and protozoa. In addition, the samples are immunologically examined for Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia.

    The collection of the 3 stool samples does not have to be done on 3 consecutive days, but can be done at intervals of several days, provided it concerns 3 consecutive moments of stool. However, the 3 stool samples may not be collected on the same day.

    With this TFT test, microscopic examination is done in addition to immunological examination, which allows the detection of a larger range of parasitic disturbances.


    The sample must not exceed the red line, otherwise the sample will be rejected for quality assurance reasons and you will have to resubmit.

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      • TFT parasites in stool RP

      TFT parasites in stool RP

      € 187,-

      Measuring parasites in stool samples with the TFT test. It is investigated for worms, worm bacteria and ...

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      TFT parasites in stool RP

      TFT parasites in stool RP

      € 187,-

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