• GenX FRD-903 polluted air and drinking water

GenX FRD-903 polluted air and drinking water

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    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    GenX FRD-903 polluted air and drinking water

    blood test HFPODA from serum

    This blood test HFPODA says something about GenX FRD-903 contaminated drinking water and air

    The analysis time is 7-10 working days, 2 ml of serum should be sent in each time per parameter.

    HFPO-DA the result is good if it is below < 1.0 µg/l.

    HFPO-DA is a non-persistent substitute for PFOA. The indicated reference value is

    only preliminary and is the actual detection limit of the LC-MS method used for this measurement.

    The GenX technology used by Chemours, a division of Dupont, as a replacement for PFOA was up for debate,

    The substance FRD-903 we can offer as a blood test, so you can monitor for exposure if necessary.
    GenX is a technology used to make plastics (fluoropolymers). Since 2012, manufacturer Chemours in Dordrecht has been using GenX technology to replace PFOA. Local residents may be affected in various ways by the chemicals used in the GenX technology. The RIVM conducted research into these chemical substances in the air and in water.

    PFOA compounds have been replaced by GenX technology. This technology uses two substances called FRD-902 and FRD-903. These are two fluorine-containing substances that are very similar. FRD-902 is an ammonium salt, and FRD-903 is its acid form. In addition, during the production process, the fluorine compound E1 is formed. Some of the substances FRD-903and E1 are emitted to air through the factory chimney, FRD-902 and FRD-903 disappear in part to wastewater. This wastewater is pre-treated and then discharged to the sewage treatment plant.

    Risk estimate for the airThe
    RIVM has calculated the extent to which the substances are released and what that means for the environment and the health of people living in the vicinity. The RIVM did this on the basis of the maximum permitted amount and the emission data supplied by Chemours. The calculated concentration at the closest homes is 15 nanograms per cubic meter of air. This is almost five times lower than the health-based limit value derived by the RIVM for FRD-903: 73 nanograms per cubic meter of air. From this 2016 study, the RIVM concluded that nearby residents were not expected to have experienced health damage from the emission of GenX substances from the plant into the air.
    Earlier, the RIVM made a similar risk estimate of the effects of PFOA emissions from the same plant in the past.


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      GenX FRD-903 polluted air and drinking water

      GenX FRD-903 polluted air and drinking water

      € 219,-

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