Factor VIII

      Factor VIII related antigen (assoc.) (v. Willebrand ag.) and Factor VIII:c (activity) are measured in this blood test

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      Product Description

      Factor VIII

      A consent form is required for this study.

      Two tests are conducted:

      • Factor VIII related antigen (assoc.)
        (v. Willebrand ag.)"
      • Factor VIII:c (activity) citrate plasma (light blue tube) + Statement of consent.

      . A consent form from the patient is required.

      This test must be done at the lab and cannot be administered decentrally at a local clinic.

      Von Willebrand's disease is the most common clotting disorder and occurs in both men and women. It is a hereditary condition; someone who has von Willebrand's disease is born with it. It can happen that it does not run in the family and someone does have it. We then speak of a spontaneous mutation.

      What is Von Willebrand?
      In someone with Von Willebrand's disease, something goes wrong in blood clotting, either too little Von Willebrand factor is present or something is wrong with its function. In people with reduced levels of von Willebrand factor, factor VIII levels may also be reduced. The lower the levels of von Willebrand factor or factor VIII, the more severe the disease will be. Proper blood clotting in the human body depends on very many factors. One of these factors is the adequate presence of von Willebrand factor. Von Willebrand factor is a special protein that performs a gluing function during the clotting process and transports factor VIII. The protein is needed to enable the adhesion of platelets to the vessel wall.

      The quotient of factor VIII activity and antigen must be between 0.70 and 1.30, quotients below 0.6 may indicate dysfunction. synonym: Antihämophilies-Globulin-Antigen

      Photometry (PHOT)
      Clinical indication Diagnosis and follow-up of hemophilia A, von Willebrand syndrome, hemophilia inhibitor, thrombophilia

      Reduced activity: hemophilia A, von Willebrand syndrome, female conductor status, factor VIII inhibitors, consumption coagulopathy (DIC), phospholipid antibody syndrome.

      Increased activity: acute phase reaction, thrombophilia


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        • Factor VIII

        Factor VIII

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        Factor VIII related antigen (assoc.) (v. Willebrand ag.) and Factor VIII:c (activity) wo...

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        Factor VIII

        € 98,-

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