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  • DHEA-S
  • DHEA-S
  • DHEA-S
  • DHEA-S


    DHEA-S is an androgen a male sex hormone present in both men and women.

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    Very nice agency. I have a full check done annually and am very satisfied. Result of the test comes quickly and customer service is easily accessible.



    Super fast, received results of extensive blood test after only one week

    Product Description


    DHEA-S (The Hydro Epi Andosterone Sulfate) is a weak male sex hormone produced in the adrenal glands of both men and women. Abnormal levels may fit with a dysregulation of hormone production.

    About DHEA-S

    A low DHEA level makes you feel tired. It is possible that the test results in a too high DHEA level. This is probably due to DHEA accumulation. The hormone is not converted properly.

    The test measures the amount of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) in the blood. DHEA-S is an androgen, a male sex hormone, which is present in both men and women. It plays a role in the development of secondary male sex characteristics during puberty.

    DHEA-S can be converted by the body into stronger androgens such as testosterone and androstenedione. It can also be converted into the female hormone estrogen.

    DHEA-S is made by the adrenal glands. Smaller amounts are made in the ovaries of women and in the testes of men. The production of DHEA-S is under the control of the pituitary hormone adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and other pituitary factors. The pituitary gland is a hormone-producing gland at the base of the brain.

    Because DHEA-S is primarily produced in the adrenal gland, it is a good measure of adrenal functioning. Adrenal tumors, cancer, and benign adrenal enlargement can lead to overproduction of DHEA-S.

    The normal value depends on many factors, such as age, gender, and testing method. As a result, the same number can be interpreted differently.

    Low amounts of DHEA-S can be caused by malfunctioning of the adrenal gland or by hypopituitarism, a disease in which the pituitary gland produces too few hormones.

    A normal DHEAS value combined with normal values of other androgens indicates a normally functioning adrenal gland. It can also mean that a detected tumor is not producing hormones. A normal DHEA-S can also occur in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In this syndrome (abnormality in the ovaries), androgens are usually produced by the ovaries, particularly testosterone.

    An increased amount of DHEA-S indicates abnormalities in the adrenal glands due to, for example, an adrenocortical tumor, adrenal cancer, or benign adrenal enlargement. Increased levels of DHEA-S in women can lead to menstrual irregularities and visible signs of masculinization or virilization (deeper voice, excessive hair growth on face and body, muscularity, enlargement of Adam's apple). In men, increased levels of DHEA-S may go undetected. In young boys, increased levels of DHEA-S can lead to early development of puberty.

    An elevated DHEA-S level does not provide a specific diagnosis. Further investigation must be done to find the cause of the problem.

    DHEA-S is not dependent on the menstrual cycle, but dependent on age. The result is good if it falls between the reference value shown on the lab report.

    In women:

    • 10 - 14 years: 33.9 - 280 μg / dl
    • 15 - 19 years: 65.1 - 368 μg / dl
    • 20 - 24 years: 148 - 407 μg/dl
    • 25 - 34 years: 98.8 - 340 μg / dl
    • 35 - 44 years: 60.9 - 337 μg / dl
    • 45 - 54 years: 35.4 - 256 μg/dl
    • 55 - 64 years: 18.9 - 205 μg/dl
    • 65 - 74 years: 9.40 - 246 μg / dl
    • from 75 years: 12.0 - 154 μg / dl

    In men:

    • 10 - 14 years: 24.4 - 247 μg / dl
    • 15 - 19 years: 70.2 - 492 μg / dl
    • 20 - 24 years: 211 - 492 μg/dl
    • 25 - 34 years: 160 - 449 μg/dl
    • 35 - 44 years: 88.9 - 427 μg / dl
    • 45 - 54 years: 44.3 - 331 μg / dl
    • 55 - 64 years: 51.7 - 295 μg/dl
    • 65 - 74 years: 33.6 - 249 μg / dl
    • from 75 years: 16.2 - 123 μg / dl



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      • DHEA-S


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      DHEA-S is an androgen a male sex hormone found in both men and women....

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