ACTH pituitary stress?

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      Product Description

      ACTH pituitary stress?

      ACTH from EDTA plasma

      Plasma freezing Note: This test can only be done at the lab in Maastricht or Mönchengladbach

      The pituitary gland is a gland that controls almost all hormone-producing organs and processes in the body. During stress, the pituitary gland secretes ACTH into the blood.

      The Method:
      Immunoradiometric assay The blood is frozen directly at -20°C.
      ACTH degrades less rapidly in EDTA plasma (t1/2 = 10 h) than in serum (t1/2 = 30 min).
      Therefore, we use only EDTA plasma

      Conversion factororpg/ml
      x 0.22 = pmol/lReference value
      Morning(8am-10am): 2.2-13.2 pmol/lEvening
      (8pm-2pm): 1.3-6.6 pmol/lExamination

      to clarify adrenal function (Addison's disease, Cushing's disease), Suspected ectopic ACTH production (e.g. bronchial carcinoma)

      :Elevated: adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease), Cushing's disease, ectopic ACTH syndrome, pregnancy, menstruation, stress.

      Lowered: Cushing's syndrome, secondary adrenal insufficiency


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        ACTH pituitary stress?

        € 65,-

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