• Intake B12 clinic

Intake B12 clinic

    To make an appointment at the B12 clinic you can contact us directly. Since corona it's also possible to make an appointment by phone or facetime.

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Intake B12 clinic

    A low normal vitamin B12 result does not mean that you cannot have symptoms from it. With B12 blood values lower than 250 one can indeed have many vague symptoms. For a comprehensive overview of the complaints see the website of the B12 clinic.

    Common complaints with vitamin B12 deficiency are:

    • General fatigue
    • Muscle weakness
    • Joint complaints
    • Tingling and numb hands and/or feet
    • Nerve pains
    • Confusion
    • Memory loss, concentration problems

    You are, in case you can't work it out with your doctor, welcome for a consultation in the B12 clinic.

    Internist Hajo Auwerda specializes in hematology, or 'blood science'. In recent years he has specialized in the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiencies.
    Meanwhile, people come to his vitamin B12 consultation from far and wide.

    ''I once saw a patient with unexplained fatigue symptoms and polyneuropathy, a nerve disorder. After analysis, my patient was found to have a low-normal vitamin B12 blood level, however without anemia. I started looking for the correct treatment. In my search, a world opened up to me when reading all the literature on vitamin B12. The literature makes no mention of vitamin B12 overdose and since there is a lot of ambiguity within the field about how to treat patients with vitamin B12, I decided to treat this patient with frequent vitamin B12 injections. With results; the patient visibly improved! This opened my eyes and so I started treating more and more patients with vitamin B12 injections.''

    Many of these patients come in with all kinds of vague complaints. Remarkably often (80%) these are young women who have been treated by various specialists for a long time. Some are even already under treatment with a psychiatrist. Patients with a vitamin B12 deficiency often have vague and disabling complaints, which can manifest themselves in severe fatigue, but also psychological problems. As a broadly trained internist I can quickly see through specific research whether there are other medical causes for someone's pattern of symptoms. If I believe that vitamin B12 injections are necessary, I prescribe them. Usually twice a week for six weeks, after which, guided by the clinic and focused on the patient, I gradually phase this out to an acceptable result. This is not in line with the national GP guideline but my experience is that it is not in line with my practical experience. The correct practice is: you should not stop when the blood concentration of vitamin B12 is good. No, you have to keep looking at the symptoms. There are cases where the values are back to normal, but the symptoms return after a few weeks. The frequency of vitamin B12 injections must then certainly not be reduced. By the way, patients don't have to worry about overdosing, because you can't overdose on vitamin B12.

    ''Most patients become completely symptom-free over time. Symptomatic B12 deficiency is much more common than thought.''

    If you order this consultation, you can indicate in the comments section of your order that we may forward your lab results.

    You can further make your own appointment for a consultation at the clinic or a telephone consultation:

    A consultation in the clinic falls under basic care and is reimbursed by the health insurer. You do need a referral from your doctor for this consultation.


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      • Intake B12 clinic

      Intake B12 clinic

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      To make an appointment at the B12 clinic, you can contact them directly yourself....

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      Intake B12 clinic

      Intake B12 clinic

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