• Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210
  • Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210
  • Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210
  • Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210
  • Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210

Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210


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    • No referral needed from your family doctor
    • Compile your own research
    • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210

    The new SB210 Bluetooth Saturation Meter is similar to the SB200 but has the additional feature of BLUETOOTH.

    For a quick, painless and easy screening of the condition of the blood vessels.

    Did you know that a lack of Vitamin K2 and vitamin d cause your calcium to go into your vessels and not your bones, so you can develop osteoporosis?


    The Rossmax healthstyle APP allows you to manage your blood pressure, blood glucose, SpO2, weight and temperature in just one APP.
    The products are easily connected via Bluetooth and real-time data communication is just a click away. It is now possible to share graphs or data with third parties very easily.

    The Rossmax healthstyle APP via Google play or the App store to download

    A finger pulse oximeter that measures not only the oxygen content and pulse rate but also the quality of the vessels (ACT = Artery Check Technology Index).

    This oximeter ensures that heart disease can be detected at an early stage.
    For a quick initial screening of the quality of the blood vessels, to support your lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation recommendations.

    The Oximeter offers the possibility to get an indication of the condition of the veins in a cheap and fast way (as an initial screening) via the microcirculation in the finger. Of course, sometimes additional diagnostics are needed and it may be necessary to refer the person to a general practitioner. The measurement is completely painless (via infrared scan) and the result is known within two minutes. You will get a good impression of the degree of stiffness of the veins. The 'Stiffness score' on a scale of 1-6 offers a practical tool for drawing up an individual consultation plan with lifestyle, nutritional and supplementation recommendations.

    The measurement and simple visual display of the device can be motivating to closely follow the advice plan. In addition to the stiffness of the blood vessels, the Rossmax also measures the heart rate and oxygen saturation of the blood. The device is extremely user-friendly and can be applied to both adults and children.

    An app is now also available:

    rossmax app

    The measurement by Oximeter and the classification of 1-6 are intended as initial screening and should be followed by additional diagnostics if necessary.

    For an accurate measurement, it is important that the measurement is taken when the person is sitting quietly on a chair and the hand is held in a stable position (on a horizontal surface such as a table). Exercising or climbing stairs (or even shaking hands) just beforehand can influence the result of the measurement. Preferably use the left hand. Make sure that the middle or index finger is well positioned in the device (the fingertip on the sensor, and not at the end of the device). In addition, make sure the person is not wearing a tight watch band, bracelet, and/or rings. Have these removed if necessary. The blood circulation should be unobstructed. Further, make sure the person has warm hands. Hands that are too cold can also cause a less reliable result due to reduced blood flow. In many cases wearing nail polish or acrylic/gel nails causes the measurement to be incorrect. The device may give an error message. Never take several measurements in succession on the same person. Wait 20 minutes before taking another measurement. It is recommended to read the accompanying manual carefully before using the device.

    As mentioned in the accompanying manual, the score can show a deviation of +/- 1. This is due to the cut-off points of the score. For example: the Oximeter shows a 2, and at the next measurement a 3. This means that the value is between 2.7 and 3. This does not mean that the device is not functioning properly.

    For more information read also our blog

    The Rossmax meter uses ACT.
    ACT (Artery Check Technology) processes SpO2 signals and determines artery stiffness (Artery Condition) based on the derived waveform. It further classifies the arterial condition into 6 levels and presents the result in an intuitive graphical interface:

    • Level 1: Arteries and blood circulation are in excellent condition
    • Level 2: Arteries and blood circulation are in good condition
    • Level 3: Arteries and blood circulation in reasonable condition
    • Level 4: Arteries and blood circulation are in moderate condition
    • Level 5: Arteries and blood circulation are in moderate condition
    • Level 6: Arteries and blood circulation are in poor condition

    Heart rate, SpO2 and condition of the artery non-invasively measured via the fingertip!
    Artery condition tells the potential risk of the following diseases:

    • Arteriosclerosis
    • Peripheral circulatory disorder
    • Cardiovascular disease

    Monitoring arterial condition with a Rossmax ACT built-in pulse oximeter facilitates the early detection of these cardiac conditions.
    The Rossmax pulse oximeter with ACT detects:

    • Condition of blood vessels
    • SpO2
    • Heart rate

    Artery Check Technology (ACT) / APG

    • Instantaneous measurements of SpO2, heart rate and artery in 1 minute
    • Shield Design against ambient light
    • Biocompatibility protection
    • Pulse strength indicator
    • Visible and audible alarm
    • Bi-directional, dual-color OLED display
    • Carrying cord included
    • Measuring range: SpO2: 35%~99% HR: 30~250 bpm
    • Precision: SpO2: 70%~99% ±2% 35%~69% (unspecified) Pulse rate: 30~250bpm ±3
    • Alarm: Default Value for SpO2
    • Power Supply: 2 AAA Alkaline

    Please note that this is a package that can not go through the mailbox, so you should stay home or pick it up later, where it is issued.


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      Rossmax SB210

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      Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210

      Rossmax Finger pulse oximeter SB210

      199,- € 95,-

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