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  • No referral needed from your family doctor
  • Compose your own research
  • Puncture points throughout the Netherlands

Albican Practice


Orthomolecular Therapist advice on supplements & nutrition and what these substances from herbs, plants and food do for the body.

HSP & Supplements

  • Highly sensitive people often react differently to foreign substances, this is something I am familiar with as a highly sensitive personality and coach someone here step by step

Medications, Supplements & Nutrition

  • In addition to some medications, not all supplements may be used; consult with your doctor about this.
  • Always provide a clear diagnosis, if this is not possible, we can look for the possible cause together.
  • There are many supplements on the market, from synthetic substances, to natural substances.
  • From a vitamin complex, to just a single vitamin. Solids to liquids and chewable tablets.
  • All kinds of enzymes to the most extraordinary active plants. What amounts are safe, how to start and when to stop. These are all questions, indeed, before you know it, you have a shelf full of supplements and it costs hands full of money, which everyone has to work hard for;
  • Using trial samples can also be very beneficial.


  • Examinations are done by completing a history & indication tests. These examinations are all included in the consultation price.

The Lab

  • I work with Blood Value Testing, here you can have all kinds of blood tests done, from the prick service of the place of residence. These tests are not included in the consultation.

Every person is different

  • Creative support, knowing, that every person is unique and no person is the same, therefore no standard treatment plan is possible.

Career & Training & hobby advice

  • For many years I worked as an education & career advisor at Scheidegger Education and as an intermediary & recruiter at various companies. I do this using ascendant calculations, Chinese & Western astrology.

To the doctor

  • And then there's that appointment, you know exactly what to say, once inside, you completely lock up. How do you avoid this and how do you prepare for a doctor's visit? I can help you with this during our consultations.

Personalized advice tailored to your needs.

Alie's degrees & certificates:

  • Certified Orthomolecular Therapist.
  • Certified Nutritionist.
  • Certified Chakra & Aura healer, which I mainly do investigations with, when there are absolutely no clues, where health complaints come from.
  • Diploma in Time Management.
  • Certified Chronic drug use and the gut.
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