• Grip on Parkinson's Blood Testing Essential Blood Values

Grip on Parkinson's Blood Testing Essential Blood Values

    The Grip on Parkinson's program focuses on the body functions that are disturbed. By restoring these, the symptoms can be reduced to a great extent. This blood test was compiled especially for this program:

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Grip on Parkinson's Blood Testing Essential Blood Values

    Minimal requirements for the program are:

    • Glutathione (code GSHF and GSHG)
    • Methylmalonic acid from blood (code METMAL)
    • Homocysteine (code HOCY)

    For this test, please stop any use of supplementation 4 days before taking the blood. You must also be sober for the blood draw.

    Geertje Boon explains the added value of the blood values that she recommends be taken. This test contains the three most important blood values, which she personally believes are indispensable. Why?

    Parkinson's and poor methylation
    Methylation (or: methylation) is an essential repair process of the body. Basically, methylation is the conversion of one substance (or substances) to another. This conversion renders toxins harmless, keeps your hormones in balance, and literally thousands of other processes. Every second, a billion of these conversions take place in your body.

    Research points in the direction that people with Parkinson's have poor methylation. For example, they are worse at detoxifying (a methylation process). The creation of dopamine is also a methylation process, and anyone with Parkinson's knows what it means when that process goes poorly.

    Methylation Cycle
    Measuring if there is a serious methylation problem

    This is the only way to determine if there is a serious methylation problem is a blood test. If you have elevated gluthation and elevated homocysteine, then it is clear that you are detoxifying very poorly (liver detoxification).

    Measuring the cause of the methylation problem
    There can be many causes of a methylation problem. One of the best known of these is a deficiency of vitamin B12. One cause of this deficiency may be that a person is taking antacids, something that many people with Parkinson's do.

    This is fairly common knowledge. Therefore, blood is often pricked for vitamin B12. And what is often found? That the blood value is around the normal value. So there is no problem? You don't know that yet, because it's not about the level of vitamin B12 in the blood, but in the cell.

    You can't measure the value in the cell with blood pricks. So how can we know if there is too little vitamin B12 in the cell? The most important marker (value that gives a clue) is the so-called MMA (methylmalonic acid). This is a neurotoxic substance that builds up when there is too little vitamin B12 in the cell.

    The 3 indispensable blood values are thus:

    1. Gluthation
    2. Homocysteine
    3. MMA

    And what if all this turns out to be the case?
    If the blood value test shows that there is a serious methylation problem, Geertje can prescribe targeted supplementation to address the causes. This supplementation should not be taken 'just like that'.

    There is a big difference with, for example, vitamin C. If you take too much vitamin C, you will naturally excrete it. You may have heard of Sven Kramer, who took too much vitamin B6 and was injured as a result. So you can't take supplementation indiscriminately and I can't just prescribe supplementation.

    Therefore, if you don't have these blood levels measured, Geertje may not prescribe you this supplementation and you are not addressing the methylation problem at its root.

    Read about the Grip on Parkinson's program here:

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      Grip on Parkinson's Blood Testing Essential Blood Values

      Grip on Parkinson's Blood Testing Essential Blood Values

      € 169,-

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