• oxidized LDL cholesterol

oxidized LDL cholesterol

    LDL cholesterol is only bad when you put it in contact with sugar. With a ketogenic diet, the regular LDL can be elevated, without it being wrong, because you are no longer adding sugars to your diet. It is better to measure oxytocinated LDL, which does not give a

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    oxidized LDL cholesterol

    LDL cholesterol oxidized from EDTA blood

    On request of acupuncturist: "Years ago, Professor Paul Holvoet of the Department of Atherosclerosis and Metabolism of the Faculty of Medicine in Leuven developed a blood test to measure oxidized LDL. Unfortunately, this test is not done in the Netherlands. It is an important test that can predict cardiovascular disease. My cholesterol, especially the LDL, is highly elevated and I can't take statins, so for me (and for a lot of other people) this would be a great test."

    Blood test predicts cardiovascular diseaseLEUVEN
    30-6-2006 At the K.U.Leuven, Professor Paul Holvoet of the Atherosclerosis and Metabolism Division has developed a blood test that can detect the risk of cardiovascular disease earlier. This is a world first.
    Professor Holvoet's team designed a test that for the first time can detect oxidized LDL cholesterol in the blood. The researchers applied the test to more than 3,000 blood samples. It showed that people with elevated oxidized LDL cholesterol are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease within 10 years, even if their normal LDL and HDL cholesterol levels are completely normal. In doing so, the study also confirms the suspicion that LDL cholesterol definitely becomes harmful when oxidized.

    To calculate the risk of heart disease, one normally looks at the ratio of high density lipoprotein (HDL) to low density lipoprotein (LDL). Those with too much LDL in their blood are at greater risk. This is only partially true, according to the studies of the scientists from Leuven.

    For some time, it had been suspected that LDL in itself was not bad, says Professor Holvoet, Experimental animal experiments did show that it plays a role in the development of cardiovascular disease when it is oxidized. The problem was that this suspicion could not be confirmed in humans because a specific test to detect oxidized LDL in the blood was lacking. So now there is that test.

    LDL oxidizes when certain substances are released into the blood. Smoking and an increased glucose level contribute to this. Through a healthier lifestyle the oxidized LDL can be reduced. This can be done from the age of fifteen.



    Avoid the following at least 24 hours before the blood test: cocoa, black tea, coffee and liquorice.


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      • oxidized LDL cholesterol

      oxidized LDL cholesterol

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      LDL cholesterol is only bad when you put it in contact with sugar. On a ketogenic di...

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      oxidized LDL cholesterol

      oxidized LDL cholesterol

      € 45,-

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