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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    DNA Expert Nutrition

    Nutrition Sensor - Nutrigenetics, the future of nutritionA
    nutrition plan based on your genes.

    Genetic variations influence how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients and which substances can be converted and used appropriately. Because your nutrition plays a vital role in your health, we can now analyze your genes and adjust your diet to prevent more than 20 potential metabolic problems.

    This area is called Nutrigenetics, i.e., diet modification is based on genetic data. By analyzing more than 50 genetic variations, we obtain valuable information about your innate strengths and weaknesses.

    Which foods are healthy for you? In some genetic metabolic problems, calcium-containing milk products are very healthy for the body, while in other situations it can be unhealthy. The actual calcium requirement can only be determined when all relevant genes have been mapped.

    By analyzing more than 50 genes relevant to your diet, we can now determine in which areas you are well protected, and in which areas there may be a deficiency, due to your personal metabolism. The analysis can help you avoid foods that are not good for you, and optimally provide your body with important nutrients that your DNA profile says you specifically need.

    Genetic analysis can even provide valuable information about whether certain substances, usually considered healthy, can be converted by your body in the usual way.

    A good example is Omega 3 in the form of fish oil capsules. Omega 3 occurs naturally in fish and is considered a cholesterol-lowering substance therefore it is often taken as a dietary supplement in the form of fish oil capsules. For many people, this provides an improvement in cholesterol. However, some people do not seem to benefit from the addition of Omega 3. Scientists have discovered that a variation in the APOA1 gene causes Omega 3 not to improve cholesterol levels but in people with this gene it actually makes it worse. So there are many people who take Omega 3 capsules while the result is the opposite of what they want to achieve.

    So too with coenzyme Q10, which is often considered anit oxidant to slow down the aging process. Q10 is not active immediately after ingestion, but must be converted into the active form Ubiquinol by a specific gene. However, some people have a defect in this gene and therefore cannot activate Q10. Although the intake of Q10 provides protection against free radicals for some people, it has no effect on people with a different DNA variant.

    General dietary advice is well known and a healthy diet is recommended to every person. However, these advices are designed for the general public and unfortunately individual opinions are not included in them. Because every person has different genes, there is no "universal" nutrition plan and the optimal diet for you is as unique as you are. So test your genes and find out what diet is important for you to be healthy stay healthy.
    With the order you will receive:

    • An analysis of your genes
    • A personal nutrition program

    The result, the report, consists of more than 60 pages and 1000+ food analyses (English, German but now also available in Dutch).
    The personal weight loss program is valid for life.

    See here a sample result of DNA Nutrition. Now also available in the Netherlands, see these sample results here!

    Following this DNA analysis it is also possible to buy your personal nutrition supplements, personally composed following your genetic research.
    Prices from 34 euros per week.

    for more background information read this blog on Nutrigenetics


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      DNA Expert Nutrition

      DNA Expert Nutrition

      € 495,- € 465,-

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