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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    DNA Expert Performance

    DNA-Expert Performance Sensor DNA saliva test.
    An optimized nutrition and training program based on your genes

    Where does your talent lie?
    Certain genetic variations have a significant impact on the strength and endurance of your muscle cells. Because of these genes, some genetic types are ideally suited for fast response and strength sports (large and thick cells),
    Other genetic types of muscle cells are weaker and slower, but because they have improved blood circulation, they are again optimally suited for endurance sports.

    Scientific studies have shown that an athlete has a 5x higher chance of qualifying for the Olympic / World Cup League in a sport suited to his genes Genetic analysis thus allows you to identify your genetic talent for strength or endurance sports, and you can determine your athletic orientation accordingly.

    What do your genes do to oxidative stress?
    But genes have even more influence on your performance:
    Cells require a certain amount of oxygen that the body converts from the air into kinetic energy. The body needs more energy and therefore more oxygen during exercise, which is why breathing speeds up during exercise. If there is insufficient oxygen in the cells, it becomes more difficult to convert the oxygen into engergy and performance decreases.

    The ability to absorb oxygen through the lungs and transport it to the appropriate muscles is called VO2max. This can be increased by proper endurance training.
    However, there are people who already have in their genes the predisposition to increase the VO2max level. These people already have a better starting point than other athletes without training.

    What do your genes do with free radicals?
    Athletes produce free radicals that can damage tissue. Exercising is healthy, there is no question about it. After all, regular exercise protects against many free radicals, reducing premature aging and the development of diseases like diabetes or cancer. But too much exercise can become too much of a burden on the body and make it sick. The reason for this is oxidative stress. Not only competitive athletes, but also occasional athletes should therefore be careful, because these molecules negatively affect your health and athletic performance. People with certain genes can recognize and neutralize these molecules. Unfortunately, many people have genes that interfere with function and protection and therefore increase oxidative stress. Certain micronutrient antioxidants, can compensate for the lack of protection, if administered in the correct dose. It is therefore possible to test in the genes and compensate for any genetic weakness with the correct dose of micronutrients.

    What is your genetic risk of injury?
    Even the aggressiveness of the immune system is determined by certain genes that can lead to a higher risk of injury. This analysis describes your inflammatory responses and analyzes your individual genetic risk of injury.

    Personalized food list for optimal performanceThe
    food list contains more than 900 different nutrients based on your genetic profile, and allows you to easily improve your performance optimally.

    • Green trophies (see results) indicate that the calorie balance in this type of food is optimal for your athletic performance. This type of food contains a good balance of calories for your muscles. The more green trophy icons a type of food has, the better it will affect your athletic performance.
    • Red trophies indicate that the distribution of calories in these foods is not optimal for your body. These foods contain calories, but not the calories you need for optimal performance. Try to avoid these foods before you want to perform athletically.
    • If you have informed us of any allergies or intolerances you suffer from, or if you wish to avoid a particular type of food, you may find a warning symbol (!) in this section of the table. This means that this type of food may contain substances that can cause allergic reactions or symptoms of food intolerance. This warning is based solely on the information you provided with the order form and no genes were tested for this section.
    • A warning (!) in this column means that this type of food contains a substance that causes digestive problems or other signs of food allergy because of your genetics. When eating this food, keep in mind digestive problems or other signs and avoid these foods if necessary. If no problems occur, you can continue eating these foods.

    With the order you will receive:

    • An analysis of your genes
    • A personal nutrition program

    The result, the report, consists of over 60 pages and 1000+ food analyses (English, German, now also available in Dutch)
    The personal weight loss program is valid for life.

    See here a sample result of DNA_Expert Performance, the report is now also available in Dutch.

    If you want to add this test to another DNA-Expert test, we can give you a substantial discount, because the starting costs have already been made. Choose for quote not yet checkout for a free quote.


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      DNA Expert Performance

      DNA Expert Performance

      € 495,- € 347,-

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