• Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy
  • Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy

Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy

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    Great customer service!


    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy

    Drs. Jacqueline Elferink is an Orthomolecular and naturopathic therapist.

    You cannot order this consultation through Blood Value Test, but directly through her website:

    The course consists of an average of 5 sessions. Between the first and follow-up consultation is usually 1 month.

    What is Orthomolecular Medicine?

    In nature, everything is arranged according to geometric shapes, as in our bodies and cells. In order to function optimally, our body needs the right nutrition and balance of intake and relaxation. If the body is out of balance, various complaints may arise such as extreme fatigue, emotional complaints, bowel problems or hormonal imbalance.
    Orthomolecular medicine looks for the underlying cause of this imbalance.

    Depending on the underlying cause, the restoration of the intestines, hormones or, for example, neurotransmitters is supported. The functioning of our cells, intestines, organs, hormones and other body processes depends on sufficient nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Deficiencies are examined and, if necessary, supplemented. To gain further insight into where the imbalance is located and/or there are deficiencies, we work together with various laboratories, including Blood Value Test.

    Step by step I work towards further supporting the balance. Natural remedies are always used. If necessary, appropriate nutrition is advised.''

    Orthomolecular Medicine is applied as a supplement to regular medicine, performed by general practitioners and specialists. Therefore, this medicine is called ''complementary medicine.

    ''For orthomolecular medicine there is scientific evidence on a large scale. In addition to working in my practice, I immerse myself in these scientific studies and publish regularly on various orthomolecular topics. I specialize in treating intestinal complaints, burnout and hormonal and psychological complaints. But of course people with other complaints can also come to me.''

    Holistic therapy, psycho-social support and consciousness development

    I work from a holistic approach. Restoring contact with one's own life force and essence is essential for sustainable recovery. Therefore during my consultations there is also room for consciousness development and reflection. I have completed training in the fields of psychology, haptonomy, healing, reading and EMDR. I apply techniques learned in these courses, if necessary and desired, for the benefit of the development of consciousness.''

    ''In my practice I also offer the heart coherence method. Heart coherence is a biofeedback method that provides insight into the variability of the heart rhythm (HVR). Disturbances in HVR are an indicator of emotional stress. Using simple exercises, the goal is to achieve a coherent heart rhythm for optimal health.''

    ''Also, I organize meditation workshops that use the power of geometry. These workshops contribute to the development of consciousness and being in touch with one's own essence.''

    Personal Story

    - 1991-1997 Psychology and Development Studies (Msc)
    - 2000-2003 Training in Intuitive Development, Healing and Reading (CICO)
    - 2005-2008 Institute for applied Haptotherapy (ITH)
    - 2008-2010 Higher Vocational Medical Education and Orthomolecular Medicine (SOE)

    ''In my life I have traveled extensively and lived in various countries, including Bolivia, Brazil and Zimbabwe. Here I have been able to learn a lot from local healers. In addition to the above training, I have followed short courses in the field of orthomolecular medicine, colon therapy, EMDR and healing (Quantum touch). Connecting both scientific and intuitive components are central to me.''

    If you live in the Nijmegen area and are interested in a consultation with Jaqueine Elferink, you can request one at At the moment there is a patient stop.

    Orthobalans has its practice in Hypercon, a holistic centre where regular family doctors are also part of.

    When dealing with complaints and diseases, they approach each person as a whole, starting out from vitality, development and potential. Health and illness are not static phenomena, but form a balance, which can be more or less balanced. Hypericon aims to support the patient in optimizing this balance.

    This vision offers a broad and people-oriented approach to complaints.

    Regular medical care remains the starting point but is supplemented at Hypercion with anthroposophy and homeopathic treatments . This integrative medicine is based on the following:
    The doctor or therapist is coach and expert. But the patient remains responsible for his/her own health. There is attention to the whole person, the environment and personal themes.
    Various complementary treatment methods are used.


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      Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy

      Consultation Orthomolecular therapist and naturopathy

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