• CA 19-9 tumor marker during treatment

CA 19-9 tumor marker during treatment

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    Dex Hermans

    I am very satisfied with the company and regularly load my blood tests. The only pity is that you don't get a confirmation when the blood has arrived. That would be an added value...

    Product Description

    CA 19-9 tumor marker during treatment

    CA 19.9 tumor marker test at own risk only for monitoring and control for people who are in the Netherlands, during treatment abroad.

    This test is not available to individuals for prevention purposes, as this marker has no value for that purpose.

    The test determines the amount of CA 19-9 (cancer antigen 19-9) in the blood.CA 19-9 is a tumor marker, a substance produced primarily by cancer cells. IfCA 19-9 is released from the cell, it can end up in the blood. The substance is not involved in causing cancer.

    When ordering, please indicate in 'comments' that you agree to send the results to Blood Value Test and accept the possibility that mentally harmful results may be found.

    We can only perform the tests and provide you with the measured values, for further interpretation of these tests you should refer yourself to your treating physician.

    Tumor markers
    are substances, usually proteins, that the body makes in response to cancer or that are made by the cancer itself. Some tumor markers belong to one type of cancer, others occur in multiple types. These substances do not prove that there is a tumor: we also find them in other diseases and even in healthy people. So the result alone does not say everything. Tumor markers can help make a diagnosis, but only in combination with other tests. Above all, the substances tell a hospital a lot about the course of the disease.

    Reference values forCA 19-9 vary among laboratories. Reference values forCA 19-9 are between 0 and 37 kU/L (0-37 U/ml).

    With elevated values ofCA 19-9, it is not immediately clear what type of cancer a patient has. The doctor needs other types of tests for that. A lowCA 19-9 does not mean that someone does not have cancer. Some people cannot makeCA 19-9.

    But if someone has elevated levels in a certain type of cancer, the doctor can measureCA19-9regularly and see if the therapy is working (thenCA 19-9 drops) or if the cancer is coming back or growing (thenCA 19-9 rises).

    It is important thatCA 19-9 is always determined by the same laboratory during the continuation of therapy. This is because there are differences between determination methods of the laboratories.

    Slightly increased

    In some healthy persons slight (stable) elevations ofCA 19-9 in the blood are observed. This is also the case with inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), gall stones, cystic fibrosis and liver diseases. In these cases the increase is temporary.

    Moderately-strongly increased

    Moderate to very large increases are found in patients with a certain type of pancreatic cancer (excretory duct pancreatic cancer): cancer in the tubes of the pancreas that secrete digestive juices. These secretions are needed to digest food such as fats and carbohydrates (sugars). In 95% of pancreatic cancers, this is the tissue in which the pancreatic tumor originates. Moderately to strongly elevated values are also found in cancer of the bile ducts or stomach. Elevated values forCA 19-9 are also found in patients suffering from other types of cancer, such as gallbladder cancer or colon cancer.


    After a successful treatment or removal of the tumor, the amount ofCA 19-9 in the blood may be reduced compared to previous times. In order to determine a reduction, it is important that the doctor has determined the value ofCA 19-9 in the blood prior to the treatment.


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      CA 19-9 tumor marker during treatment

      CA 19-9 tumor marker during treatment

      € 29,-

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