Follow-up tests What can I eat? IgG total or IgG4 (7)

After the prescreening, follow-up tests can be done to see which foods from certain groups you can and which are best to leave out (temporarily).Read more


After you have received your result from the Watmagiketen Pre-screening, you can choose from one of the tests below as an in-depth examination.
The expert lab technicians and therapists will advise you whether a follow-up test is useful, and if so, which one you should take. For example, if you are not allowed to drink milk, you can find out in the in-depth examination which types of milk you can have.

Whatmagiketen follow-up test

These follow-up tests are possible within one month after the reporting date.
These tests can be done from the blood we have received.
If you want to do such a test later the costs are the same, but you have to pay for a new blood test.

See below the system (Pre-screening 7, 8 or 31 foods), followed by nutrition screening small and then the various follow-up packages. In this way we avoid duplicate foodstuffs/costs.

We would be happy to help you choose between IgG total or IgG4

systematics follow-up tests what can i eat

If, after your prescrening, you are still unsure which follow-up test to request because both test results are the same, the information below may be helpful

In general, IgG reactions are slow, think headache or eczema, the symptoms follow the day after exposure or a few days later.

IgG4 reactions are more rapid, sometimes even immediate, for example, itching, fatigue, flushes, etc.

Igg and IgE antibodies

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