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  • AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

    AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) from serum

    € 29,-

    + 21.90 one-time piercing fee per order
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    This test requires a blood draw from a vein. Collection is done through a blood collection center near you. Each order requires only 1 blood draw, even if you order multiple tests.

    The cost of blood collection at the blood collection station including test kit and shipping costs is €21.90.

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    Very nice agency. I have a full check done annually and am very satisfied. Result of the test comes quickly and customer service is easily accessible.



    Super fast, received results of extensive blood test after only one week

    Product Description

    AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

    Blood test Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP from serum) can be used as a tumor marker for detection and monitoring of liver cell carcinoma, especially in risk groups such as patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or liver cirrhosis. It can also be used as a marker for non-seminomatous germ cell tumors of the testes and ovaries.

    Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a protein that is made by the intestines and the liver of an unborn child. In the blood of pregnant women is also alpha-fetoprotein, this protein comes from the fetus and comes in the blood of the mother because the protein passes the placenta. After birth and during the rest of life, alpha-fetoprotein is hardly found in the blood. Some tumors can produce AFP, especially tumors of the liver, intestines, testes, or ovaries. This allows the protein to be used for diagnosis and follow-up of different types of cancer.

    Protein normally produced by a developing fetus and not normally found in the blood of a man in good health or a woman who is not pregnant. This protein can be found in the blood of a man with testicular cancer or a person with liver cancer. AFP can be used as a tumour marker. Thanks to this protein, it is possible to see how someone with testicular or liver cancer reacts to their treatment or to find out whether the cancer has returned after treatment.

    While this test is available, it cannot be ordered outright. You must first confirm that you are taking into account any incriminating results. Please confirm this in the comments during ordering
    "I have been adequately informed and accept the possibility that mentally incriminating results may be found"

    Tumor markers are substances, usually proteins, that your body makes in response to cancer or that are made by the cancer itself. We can measure tumor markers in blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid or tissue material.
    Some tumor markers belong to one type of cancer; others are found in several types. These substances do not prove that there is a tumor: we also find them in other diseases and even in healthy people! So the result alone does not say everything. Tumor markers can help specialists make a diagnosis, but only in combination with other tests. The substances tell a hospital mainly a lot about the course of your disease.

    Classification EDMA: 12 03090 01 00 LOINC: 1834-1
    ECLIA Method
    Reference woman ♀
    <1 M: <19000 ng / ml
    <12 M: <77 ng / ml
    <3 J: <11 ng / ml
    <6 J: <4,2 ng / ml
    <12 J: <5,6 ng / ml
    <18 J: <4,2 ng/ml
    > 18 J: <7,0 ng/ml
    reference values man♂
    <1 M: <16400 ng/ml
    <12 M: <28 ng/ml
    <3 J: <7,9 ng / ml
    <6 J: <5,6 ng / ml
    <12 J: <3,7 ng / ml
    <18 J: <3,9 ng/ml
    > 18 J: <7,0 ng / ml
    reference values during pregnancy:
    up to 14th week of pregnancy: 27.9 ng / ml
    up to 15th week of pregnancy: 30,9 ng / ml
    up to 16th week of pregnancy: 36.1 ng / ml
    to 17th week of pregnancy: 40.4 ng / ml
    up to 18th week of pregnancy: 48.3 ng / ml
    up to 19 weeks of pregnancy: 54.8 ng / ml

    AFP increase in malignant diseases:
    Gastrointestinal tumors, hepatocellular carcinoma, germ cell tumors (testes, ovary, extragonadal).
    AFP increase in benign diseases:Liver and bile ducts such as acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis
    The half-life is about 5 days

    By ordering this test you therefore have to agree with the possibility that mentally incriminating results can be found.
    We can only perform the tests and transmit the measured values, for further interpretation of these tests you should turn to a medical specialist.




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      • AFP


      € 29,-

      AFP (alpha-fetoprotein) from serum

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      AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

      AFP (alpha-fetoprotein)

      € 29,-

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