• Active Vitamin D 1,25-di-Hydroxy

Active Vitamin D 1,25-di-Hydroxy

    Vitamin D-1,25 is also known by the names: 1,25-(OH)2 D3, 25-Dihydroxy-cholecalciferol, 25-Dihydroxy-Vitamin D, 25-OH2 Calcitriol, Vitamin D3 1

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    Product Description

    Active Vitamin D 1,25-di-Hydroxy

    Vitamin D (1,25-di-Hydroxy-Vitamin D3)
    For people with abnormal blood calcium levels or for patients with symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency and with unexplained muscle weakness. The conversion of the inactive 25-hydroxy vitamin D into active 1,25-dihydroxy.

    If you are given vitamin D, calcium, phosphate or magnesium, you can test vitamin active Vitamin D to see if the therapy is working. The doctor also does have active vitamin D determined in people in whom there is a greater chance of poor vitamin D absorption through their intestines. Examples of such diseases are cystic fibrosis and Crohn's disease.

    The target value for 1,25-hydroxy vitamin D is between 65 and 224.9 pmol/l.


    High vitamin D in the active form (active vitamin d) (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D) may be due to excessive production of parathyroid hormones or in diseases such as sarcoidosis* or some lymphomas (lymph node tumors). High vitamin D (concentrations above 500 nmol/l) combined with elevated calcium can cause calcification and damage to organs such as the kidneys. The body tries to lower the amount of calcium by depositing calcium phosphate in the organs. This causes the organs to calcify and become damaged. (A high vitamin D in the non-active form (25-hydroxy vitamin D) usually means that a person is getting too much vitamin D, such as through vitamin pills or other supplements.)

    *Sarcoidosis is a disease in which many different organs can be inflamed. There is an acute form and a chronic form. Sometimes swellings are visible under the skin. These are accumulations of white blood cells. Sarcoidosis is also called Besnier-Boeck disease.


    Low vitamin D in the active form (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D) can occur with kidney disease.
    The use of some medications for epilepsy can lead to a less well-functioning liver so it makes less vitamin D. Magnesium levels that are too low can lead to decreased calcium levels. The body cannot restore this with the help of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone (PTH). After administration of magnesium and calcium, regulation is restored.

    (While in the 25-oh testlow vitamin D in the non-active form (25-hydroxy vitamin D) indicates a vitamin D deficiency. This can be caused by too little sunlight, inadequate dietary intake, or poor absorption from the intestines. )

    measurement method: (CLIA)


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      • Active Vitamin D

      Active Vitamin D

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      Vitamin D-1,25 is also known by the names: 1,25-(OH)2 D3, 25-Dihydroxy-cholecalciferol,...

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      Active Vitamin D 1,25-di-Hydroxy

      Active Vitamin D 1,25-di-Hydroxy

      € 57,-

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